Solar Electric PV

From a cabin in the woods to a custom home on the grid, solar electric systems use state-of-the-art equipment. They are available to power everything from a simple 12VDC lighting setup to a full power 120/240VAC home system. In addition PVs are used for remote gate openers, fence charges, boat and RV battery charges, water pumps, security lights and many other applications. We offer expert initial consultations and estimates.

On a local level, if your property is a quarter of a mile or more from a power pole, it is cost effective for you to install a PV system with batteries and generator backup. A typical 1-2 kW photovoltaic system with energy conserving appliances can provide all the luxuries of the Western lifestyle. These systems are competitive with power line extension costs, not to mention the freedom from paying a monthly electric bill!

With the recent development of high quality, affordable sine wave inverters, such as the Trace SW4024, customers on the grid now have the ability to generate their own clean power and use the utility on an “as needed” basis, reversing the meter in the process. “Net metering” laws are proliferating around the country, which allow the small scale generator to receive the retail rate for renewably generated power.

Some utilities, such as the City of Ashland in Oregon are offering 125% of the retail rate for the first 1000 kilowatt hours received from PV home systems. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District provide complete 1 kW systems installed on the customer’s home for a surcharge on their electric bill. Similar “green pricing” strategies are being made available in Idaho, Wisconsin, Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii.

In addition, some states such as Oregon, North Carolina, Hawaii and Arizona, offer tax credits for the installation of PV systems. These tax credits can range up to $1,500 and are real money back to you.

Please contact us to find out what program may be available in your area.

We can supply you with all of the top brand names such as, Siemens and Solarex modules, Trace inverters, Trojan batteries, Square D accessories, Wattsun and Zomeworks trackers and Sunfrost Refrigerators.

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