Solar Pool Heating

When you realize the amount of energy required to raise the thousands of gallons of water in your pool just one degree, you’ll really appreciate this solar application. You already have the pump, which is needed to circulate the water from the pool through the filter, and back to the pool – all you do is add a valve to divert the water to the low profile pool collectors. How simple can it get?

Imagine a pool heated to 85 degrees with no utility bill!! Solar Pool Heating is by far the most cost effective solar application. Heating a swimming pool with solar can save as much as 25,000-kilowatt hours of electricity or 1200 therms of gas in one season. In climates where pools get too warm in the summer, the solar system can be set up for night time cooling, keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature. State Tax Credits are available in some states to solarize a residential or commercial pool. Some utilities offer large incentives for electrically heated commercial pools too. Please call or e-mail us for details.

Solar Pool Heating Systems are simple in their operation. You already have the pump and the reservoir (the pool) . . . all we’re adding is the collector array and a valve system to divert the water through the collector when there is heat to be gained. A fail-safe valving system must be installed to insure no water is left standing in the collectors during freezing weather.

Solar Pool Heating Systems are sized from the surface area of the pool. Typically the collector area will be 50% or more of the surface area. Local weather conditions, type of pool (in ground or above ground) and the length of the swimming season are all factors in selecting the size and type of collector panels. Summer season heating is normally accomplished with collectors that are absorber plates only (Copper or Poly ). Year-round pool heating is accomplished by using glazed, insulated collectors which are designed to capture more heat during cooler weather conditions.

Solar pool heating systems will work at their optimum if combined with a solar pool heating blanket. We offer commercial grade (12 mil) solar blankets and reel systems that are either manual or automatic. They come with a five-year warranty.